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Cooking Together

We invite you to become a chef for the evening all while helping the Student Bursary Fund.

This VIRTUAL Cooking Together event is led by owner and Executive Chef, Brian Bean from Cedarberry Kitchen.
Chef Brian has shared that his traditions and family gatherings always centred around food, family and laughter -
and this sense of togetherness, fuelled by food, is still the driving force behind Brian’s passion for cooking.
On Saturday, 19th February for 1 hour we ask you to join Chef Brian Bean who will give a virtual demonstration of a main course of a Chow Mein noodle stir fry and will be sharing his knowledge and love of food and offering a sprinkling of tips and tricks along the way.
For an alternative Vegan dish use vegetables or Tofu. For Non shellfish lovers substitute chicken for your protein.

Skill Level: All Abilities

Cost: $25

In addition we are pleased to have partnered with The Tasting Room and alumnus John Lake has selected a few perfect wines to accompany the meal should you wish.

Please use the promo code Cedarberry
Note: Capital C

Click here to select your wine

The link to the event and the ingredients needed will be provided in the receipt of payment email.

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